From taboo topics to fights with tights, my books cover it all. Click on the links and the magic of technology will whisk you away to Amazon where you can buy or download a copy.

Reasons to be Cheerful Rides Again

It’s time for another ride around the block! In Reasons to be Cheerful Rides Again I get back in the saddle to discuss parenting, technology and enjoying mid-life without having a crisis (I am blatantly having a crisis). Find out how it feels to start performing stand up aged 40, discover why ‘The Body’ is a fashion item that needs to be consigned to the ’90s and experience the joy and pain of camping without putting up a tent.

Paperback – £8.99

Reasons to be Cheerful Part One

Reasons to be Cheerful, Part One

The first of my books charts my journey from stressed out ‘executive’ to freelancer using topics including why Facebook is a pet-lovers paradise, the perils of control underwear and the horror of pretending to be a uterus during a particularly earnest NCT meeting. If you’ve ever fallen over at a wedding, accidentally set fire to your kitchen, or paused Sunday lunch to wipe a smelly bottom then returned to eating without batting an eyelid, this book is for you.

Paperback – £4.99

I Need a Wife

I Need a Wife

I Need a Wife is a collection of poems on the important things in life: tights that do not fit properly, why there can be no love when it comes to sharing a duvet and the particular agony that is riding a tandem.

These poems are what set me out on the path to stand up and still feature in my sets today.

Download – £2.99. You can order a paperback copy by emailing

Mr Reuben and the Mole

Mr Reuben and the Mole

What happens when a gang of moles invade your garden three weeks before an important party? Find out when you join Mr Reuben on the first of his adventures.

Mr Reuben is an English country gentleman with gentlemanly ways. Mindful of manners and always impeccably dressed, he means well but struggles when it comes to understanding animals.
This leads to him regularly being outsmarted by our four legged friends. Maybe one day he’ll learn his lesson….

Paperback – £4.99

Other services

My writing acts as the springboard for my other services which include stand upspeakercompere and panel host. And if you want to hear me read from my work, the fastest place to find me is via my WI talks.