Change isn’t easy – but it is within your reach.

Help your teams to be the change they want to see with this unique, motivating masterclass that combines a group experience with a personalised plan.

“Toni is authenticity in action”

Tabitha Beaven- Founder, Light Mind

What you can expect

This masterclass draws on my experiences of overcoming significant obstacles to make change happen in a professional and personal context. But it isn’t just about my story – it’s about helping the individuals in your teams take control of their own narrative in a way that’s non-confrontational and fun.

Be Your Own Change combines motivation with action – attendees each receive a CHANGE asset which acts as a daily reminder, plus a link to an online change commitment tool. By following the online steps, they’ll generate their own personalised plan which they can then choose to share or use to keep them on track.

What you’ll learn

It’s possible you’ll learn more than you bargained for about me but at the same time you’ll gain insights on how to deal with change in the context of your own professional and personal life:

  • Why change feels difficult
  • How to approach change with confidence
  • What it takes to make change work
  • What it takes to make change stick
  • How to anticipate and approach the challenges you might face

My approach

I work closely with clients to understand their desired outcomes and can tailor the masterclass accordingly. What doesn’t change is my overall approach:

  • Complete honesty (as you’ll find in my books and stand up)
  • Relatable, practical and with sound examples
  • Inclusive and non-judgemental
  • Appropriate to your organisational context

be your own change model
The CHANGE Framework (c) tonijkent
Change Commitment Tool Output (c) tonijkent


Masterclasses cost £475 plus expenses for audiences of up to 30 people which includes personalised reports for every attendee.

For audiences greater than 30 people, please contact me at to talk through your requirements in more detail.

A little bit about me..

Part One – From Council House to Corporate

Having grown up on a council estate, and spent my early teenage years in circumstances described by social services as “chaotic”, I set out on a path to create a life different to what had been predicted for me. This involved leaving home and the town I grew up in and resulted in a career path that eventually led me to the technology industry and 10 years at Microsoft. Want to know more? View my LinkedIn profile.

Part Two – From Corporate to Freelancer

Having built my career, I took the decision to leave Microsoft and go freelance at a time when many people would have been afraid to do so (two small children, hefty mortgage, obscenely well-paid). This proved transformational and helped me to realise some long-held ambitions including ghost writing for senior leaders, training others in honing their writing skills and publishing my own books. Want to read on? Order one of my books.

Part Three – From Freelancer to Funny Woman

Five years into freelancing as a writer, I decided to scratch my creative itch a little more. Having made a promise to be “More Honest and Less Afraid” I did stand-up for the first time. As a successful freelancer and middle-aged mother. Someone who ‘should’ be happy with their lot. This has led to hundreds of bookings from across the corporate and charity spheres, performances in some very unlikely places and a growing excitement for what’s to come. Curious? View my performances.