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Be Your Own Change Masterclass

Be Your Own Change ditch armour

Be Your Own Change Masterclass

Have you had enough of corporate life?

Want to do something new?

Not sure where to start?

This unique masterclass will provide you with a framework and the motivation to shake off the armour and kick-start a plan.

Upcoming Masterclasses

Friday 20th September: 0930 – 1230, Thames Lido, Reading. Cost £125.00 including refreshments

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Monday 21st October: 1830 – 2130, The Roseate, Reading. Cost £125.00 including refreshments. Early bird tickets £100.00

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What you can expect

This masterclass draws on my experiences of making change happen. Having built a career in the technology industry, I took the decision to leave and go freelance at a time when many people would have been afraid to do so (two small children, hefty mortgage, obscenely well-paid job). This one change proved transformational and helped me to realise long-held ambitions in a way that corporate life never could. I want to help other people to do the same thing, which means that you can expect:

  • Complete honesty (as you’ll find in my books)
  • Relatable, practical, examples
  • A refreshingly humorous approach

What you’ll learn

Using elements of stand up combined with the best parts of a workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to approach change with confidence
  • What it takes to make change work
  • What it takes to make change stick
  • How to anticipate and approach the challenges you might face.

And, thanks to the CHANGE methodology and online tool, you’ll have something you can take away and use immediately.

be your own change model

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