“A phenomenal MC” – June Sarpong MBE

As a compere, Toni delivers a blast of energy and humour that brings the audience on-side and engages them with the theme and content of the event. If there’s a charitable element, she’ll encourage people to put their hands in their pockets too.

Using a mixture of stand up, poetry and even a good old-fashioned singalong if the mood dictates, Toni offers the perfect blend of left-field light-heartedness and professional polish.

With experiences of crowds including literary festival types, corporate employees, raucous mixed groups and even a Masonic Lodge, Toni is adept at judging the mood, keeping energy levels high and making sure that people enjoy themselves. This extends to the online sphere too – Toni’s emphasis on audience experience means that she is able to lift people out of online fatigue and into the spirit of things.

“A phenomenal MC“ – June Sarpong MBE via Twitter

“Truly inspirational and multi-talented” – Smart Works Reading

“Totally exceeded my expectations” – Amazon Web Services

“Unbelievably funny, the audience LOVED it!” – SAP

“Toni’s act is Wickedly Funny” – Henley Standard

“Super professional, funny, highly recommended” – EQT Partners

“Funny, risqué and provoking in the right way” – IAMCP