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corporate compere


“Toni, you were a phenomenal MC”

June Sarpong, MBE

Yes, you heard it right – June said I was a phenomenal MC! As a compere for corporate and charitable events I deliver a blast of energy and humour that brings the audience on-side and engages them with the theme and content of the event. If there’s a charitable element, I’ll encourage people to put their hands in their pockets too.

Using a mixture of stand up, poetry and even a good old-fashioned singalong if the mood dictates, I’m a little left-field but always incredibly professional.

With experiences of crowds that include literary festival types, corporate employees, raucous mixed groups and even a Masonic Lodge, I’m adept at judging the mood, keeping energy levels high and making sure that people enjoy themselves. I’ll even encourage them to ‘please, drink responsibly’!

What does a compere do?

Typically, as a compere, I will:

  • Get the crowd warmed up and kick the event off.
  • Introduce key note speakers and special guests.
  • Provide links between sessions / agenda items that remind the audience of the theme.
  • Deliver a wrap-up.
  • Make sure that energy levels are high!


Other services

I’ve acted as compere for the Sister Sister Network, Smart Works Reading, various comedy nights and performed services for Adobe and SAP. The other services I offer include stand up, speaker, writer and panel host.