Looking for a decent listen that explores what it means to build an interesting, rewarding, successful career without going to uni? Then university, challenged is for you!

Putting a podcast together has been something I’ve had on my list for a while but sometimes you just have to wait for the right moment to strike. A combination of attending a TechPixies social media bootcamp, guesting on a couple of podcasts, hearing about Anchor.FM and getting my knickers in a right twist about children ‘graduating’ pre-school made me want to pick up my little black book and start interviewing cool people that I know didn’t go to university about ‘how they did it’.

As a non-graduate myself, I know university isn’t possible, affordable or desirable for a lot of people and yet there is a narrative within education that values academia over apprenticeships and makes people feel like if you haven’t got a degree you are less valuable to potential employers. And as someone that earned amazing money, who achieved social mobility, and has gone on to create an interesting career as a pro speaker, writer and compere that matches my definition of success, I know that narrative is wrong. So university, challenged was born.

What’s been incredible is not just the career stories, but the life stories. Check out the episode below with Shaun Frohlich which begins with his adoption as a baby, takes in his father’s experience as an escapee German Jew, examines the impact of his dyslexia, runs riot with the idea of being a natural born sales person and proves that you don’t need to go to uni to create and sell businesses worth multiple millions and become a respected and trusted advisor to dozens of organisations. It’s an uplifting conversation full of humour and great advice.

For a list of episodes so far, check out the university, challenged page. Future episodes will include apprentices at firms including Cisco and KPMG, the founder of a successful women’s fashion brand and the Chief of Staff for one of the worlds largest Forex organisations.

Not bad for a bird from Basingstoke that just about scraped her GCSE’s 😉

I really hope you enjoy it.