Last night I delivered my first in-person stand up performance of 2022 and, at first, I was terrified! If you’d like to feel the same way, try performing in front of a very small group of people where you can make direct eye contact. And then try making them laugh….

As it turns out we had a riot. And I learned something very interesting. At the meeting, I was told “We’re always asked to village events to “Do the teas””. Because, you know, WI is all about jam and Jerusalem isn’t it? NO IT ISN’T!

The WI’s shortlist of resolutions this year is as follows:

1. Fit for Purpose – Fit for Girls – getting #clothingbrands to commit to making their girls clothing ranges equivalent to boys in terms of fabric quality and range of movement.
2. Appropriate Sentencing of Non-Violent Women Offenders – women receive disproportionately harsher sentences than men from the #justicesystem
3. Equality in Law for the #Menopause – creating a protected characteristic akin to pregnancy and maternity
4. Women and Girls with #ASD and #ADHD Under-Identified, Under-Diagnosed and Under-Supported
5. Tackling #digitalexclusion

The Women’s Institute is very much a campaigning organisation and I’m proud to know there are thousands of women across the UK championing causes like this while at the same time providing support, companionship and community.

To hear what went down at the meeting, check out today’s episode of The Toni Daily.

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