The podcast continues to motor along – if you’ve not subscribed, you’ll find every episode via the player on The Toni Daily page – I’m definitely not slacking off!

Thanks to everyone who has joined in, sent messages of support and spurred me on. One of the reasons I’m doing this podcast is as a means of daily connection and it’s great to know so many people are enjoying it.

In other news, an email I sent to the BBC as part of it’s Have Your Say regarding the ‘party-that-wasn’t-a-party-oh-sorry-it-was-I-thought-it-was-a-work-meeting’ resulted in a photo and short feature on the BBC’s home page on how I had been unable to visit my brother to tell him our mother had died in that same week. I was approached by a couple of media outlets afterwards but resisted as I was very cautious about the story becoming politicised or misrepresented.

And then I remembered this interview where Sarah Croxford gave me the space to tell the story accurately, optimistically and in my own words about how – despite the awful restrictions (that some people chose not to observe, and then lied about it) technology enabled us to find a solution.
You can watch it here:
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