If you had three university offers on the table, what would you do?

For Conor Cotton, it crystallised a decision to make his mark on the world of work. From an initial motivation of making money, Conor soon realised that by surrounding himself with people he could learn from, he could accelerate both his professional and personal growth beyond chasing bigger pay checks.

With business books by his bedside and having crafted a clear vision, Conor became the Managing Director of Not Going To Uni – a company with a long track record in successfully finding work for non-graduates – aged just 21.

Over the space of just 15 months, Conor has added new service lines, achieved record-breaking growth and helped make sure that Not Going To Uni is the first port of call for businesses, young people and media outlets when it comes to non-graduate careers.

In this new episode of the university, challenged podcast, Conor shares what ‘fuels his fire’, what you’ll learn working at a start-up that you’ll never learn in school, and how just a couple of strategic decisions can have a truly transformative impact on your professional and personal life.

And it’s not all strictly business! We also talk about Conor’s experiences of being a PE tech, home ownership in your 20’s and the possibility of owning Leeds FC 🙂

To listen to the recording on your favourite podcasting platform – head to https://anchor.fm/university-challenged/episodes/from-money-mindset-to-managing-director-aged-21—Conor-Cotton-e1b59pf where you’ll get links for Spotify, Google, Apple etc… or you can just listen straight from your browser.

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