university, challenged

Think you have to go to university to enjoy an interesting, rewarding, successful career? Think again.

Launched by Toni in July 2021, university, challenged is a podcast that showcases the career and life stories of people who have either had, or are embarking on, a career outside of the graduate route. Full of insights and inspiration and delivered with warmth and good humour, the podcast is brilliant whether you’re early career, late bloomer, looking for a change or if you’ve always wanted to ask “how do they do it?”.

Episodes so far:

  1. finding happiness in the housing sector with Nina Egge-Daborn #housingcareers
  2. from childcare to award-winning charity with Sarah Burns MBE #charitycareers
  3. Pizza Express, Pride and partner marketing with Jack Blogg #techmarketingcareers
  4. daring to disrupt and Digital Gum with Louize Clarke #techcareers
  5. entrepreneurialism and intention with Kris Britton #entrepreneurialism
  6. it’s got to be possible – right? with Shaun Frohlich #entrepreneurialism
  7. from shop floor to building a successful fashion brand with Nayna McIntosh #retailcareers
  8. financial services and a five year plan with Nigel Chambers #financialservices
  9. a quest, The Queen and KPMG with David McIntosh  #apprenticeshipswork
  10. living your values – beauty, recruitment and life at LinkedIn with Katie Moon #corporatecareers
  11. courage, cochlear implants and a career in tech with James Simms #techcareers
  12. comms, coaching and chemistry with Karen Moyes #coaching
  13. embracing opportunity and making it in Italy with Leanne Barrie #corporatecareers

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Bonus Episodes

In response to requests to share her own story, bonus episodes are going to be peppered throughout the series, each featuring a five minute segments on Toni’s experiences as she went from council estate via corporate to comedy.