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What I Do

I bring events to life and challenge misconceptions via a mixture of truth, humour and lightness of touch

Sleek & Beautiful

Compering and Panel Discussions

I come prepared, put panelists at ease and make sure that everyone enjoys themselves through a mixture of good humour and great timing. June Sarpong, MBE, described me as a "Phenomenal MC" following the Smart Works Gala Ball at which I introduced her.

Sleek & Beautiful

Stand Up and Speaking Engagements

Using my raw experience as a base, I explore topics including the truth about social mobility, being a woman in business, breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes.

Sleek & Beautiful


As an experienced facilitator, I run workshops on a variety of topics including Storytelling, Writing for LinkedIn, Creating Winning Award Entries and The Truth About Self-Publishing.

Where My Material Works

Sleek & Beautiful

Corporate and Charitable Events

A great example of this is Smart Talks - these take place on a quarterly basis in aid of Smart Works Reading. I act as compere and lead a panel discussion featuring inspirational business leaders and entrepreneurs. Previous panelists have included Nayna Macintosh and Lape Adekuwon.

Sleek & Beautiful

Diversity and Inclusion Events

I have delivered talks to dozens of networking groups and organisations keen to focus on diversity, inclusion and breaking down barriers to change. Using honesty and humour I inspire audiences to be their own change.

Sleek & Beautiful

Events and Festivals

I provide energetic, professional hosting services that engage audiences. Clients have included Masonic Ladies festivals, Henley Literary Festival, Hungerford Literary Festival, and the Smart Works Gala Ball.

Sleek & Beautiful

Stand Up

Performances include: Compton Curry & Comedy Nights | C&C Comedy Nitro | Hungerford Comedy Club | In the Frame at Ace Space | Newbury Con Club | Newbury Corn Exchange |

Blog Posts

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November 29, 2018 No Comments

Five Steps to Demystifying Self-Publishing

Apparently we’ve all got a book inside us but if we only try the traditional publishing route, the saying that “many of us will die with the song still inside us” becomes true. Self-publishing remedies this, and has opened the door for many more of us to share our stories without the pain of endless […]

Graduates on SCC Storytellng Day
August 23, 2017 No Comments

Bears, Ancient Persia and Making the Boat go Faster

What do you call a group of graduates?  For some, the preferred collective noun is “bunch”.  This could be an unconscious way of putting them in their place as they enter a business, or a way to reflect presumed youthfulness, energy and vitality….”bunch” has a bouncy feel when you say it. Whatever the reason, in collectively grouping people […]

April 19, 2017 No Comments

Ten Minute Storytelling

How much can you teach people in ten minutes? As someone who’s used to having at least a few hours to coach others in storytelling as a means to free them from PowerPoint, being offered ten minutes at an Athena Networking meeting felt like a pretty tall order, but I thought I would give it a […]