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What I Do

I bring events to life and challenge misconceptions via a mixture of truth, humour and lightness of touch


As a writer, I help people to express themselves online and offline in a voice that is truly their own. From scripting speeches to ghost writing blog posts, my ability to listen, understand and succinctly capture your thoughts saves you time and gives you something that looks, and sounds, just like you.


As an experienced facilitator, I run workshops on a variety of topics including Storytelling, Writing for LinkedIn, Creating Winning Award Entries and The Truth About Self-Publishing.

Stand-Up and Speaking Engagements

Using my raw experience as a base, I explore topics including the truth about social mobility, being a woman in business, breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes.

Compering & Panel Discussions

I come prepared, put panellists at ease and make sure that everyone enjoys themselves through a mixture of good humour and great timing. June Sarpong, MBE, described me as a "Phenomenal MC" following the Smart Works Gala Ball at which I introduced her.

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I write openly and honestly about my experiences as a woman and reflect on the things it really isn’t right to discuss at the dinner table. All books are available via Amazon. Signed copies can be ordered by emailing me at toni@tonikent.co.uk.

Performances at a selection of WI meetings

WI Speaker

Currently in my third year, I perform a mixture of spoken word, poetry and stand up that takes a lighthearted look at my experiences in life so far and questions the world that we live in.

Stand Up

Classic observational stand-up with some poetry and even a little bit of sing-a-long thrown in. Performances include: Compton Curry & Comedy | C&C Comedy Nitro | Hungerford Comedy Club | In the Frame at Ace Space | Newbury Con Club | Newbury Corn Exchange

tk performing at smart works gala ball

Fundraising Events and Festivals

Energetic, professional hosting that engages audiences and encourages giving.

Diversity and Inclusion Events

I have delivered talks to dozens of networking groups and organisations keen to focus on diversity, inclusion and breaking down barriers. Using honesty and humour I inspire audiences to be their own change.

Smart Talks Series

I compere regular, engaging, panel discussions in aid of Smart Works Reading. Previous panelists include business leaders Nayna Macintosh, Louisa Parris, Lape Adekuwon and Sally Beaton.

Toni, with the year that this country has had so far, we all needed cheering up and you've done just that! Thank you for a fabulous performance.

Littlewick Green WI

tk performing at smart works gala ball

Toni, you were an absolutely fantastic compere - you managed to put the panel at ease, engage the audience and ultimately provide a very entertaining evening!

Smart Works Reading

Blog Posts

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November 29, 2018 No Comments

Five Steps to Demystifying Self-Publishing

Apparently we’ve all got a book inside us but if we only try the traditional publishing route, the saying that “many of us will die with the song still inside us” becomes true. Self-publishing remedies this, and has opened the door for many more of us to share our stories without the pain of endless…

Graduates on SCC Storytellng Day
August 23, 2017 No Comments

Bears, Ancient Persia and Making the Boat go Faster

What do you call a group of graduates?  For some, the preferred collective noun is “bunch”.  This could be an unconscious way of putting them in their place as they enter a business, or a way to reflect presumed youthfulness, energy and vitality….”bunch” has a bouncy feel when you say it. Whatever the reason, in collectively grouping people…

April 19, 2017 No Comments

Ten Minute Storytelling

How much can you teach people in ten minutes? As someone who’s used to having at least a few hours to coach others in storytelling as a means to free them from PowerPoint, being offered ten minutes at an Athena Networking meeting felt like a pretty tall order, but I thought I would give it a…


From taboo topics to fights with tights, my books cover it all.